thoughts on the cyberiam

Here is Dan Sackett's review. Lead singer of Lateralus. (The Midwest's biggest Tool tribute band.)

Here's my opinion: You guys have this mix of classic and new prog sound. In the classic sense, the Yes and almost early Floydy keyboard tones. And the vocals are a bit of current Emo rock sounding. Like something that will catch the ear of the 16-25 crowd. And that's a GOOD thing. It sounds very accessible to everyone, not just the deep prog geeks like ourselves.. I would not be suprised if you guys find that you broke the code (as Rush, Yes, Tool, APC, etc had) in your own way.  

You may find you breached the divide that lets your style of progressive metal be gobbled up by the masses. Dare to call it Pop/Prog. It is definitely impressive.  

The band

The Cyberiam is a new progressive rock / metal band from Chicago that boasts some of the top musicians in the city coming together to create history. Band member info below. . . 

Keith Semple - Vocals, Guitar
Frank Lucas - Keys
Tommy Murray - Drums
Brian Kovacs - Bass guitar, Vocals



Keith was born in Northern, Ireland, in the small town of Larne. He started professionally playing music at the early age of 16, where he performed all throughout Europe. He played with a few different bands during that period of time, but always maintained a certain vision for his own music, which he loved to write and perform. Since 16 years old, Keith has played all over the world in small venues through large sold out shows of more than 80,000 seats.
Some f his achievements to date include:

- “Anytime Anywhere” hits #40 on I-tunes Country Album chart Feb 2016  
- "Keith Semple is like Keith Urban, only better" Rambling Ray US99.5 Country Chicago  
- “Anytime Anywhere” hits #08 on Midwest Billboard Charts March 2016  
- Seen on Season 9 of NBC’s Emmy award winning show “The Voice.”   
-  Getting to the last 20 people out of 50,000 applicants on NBC's "The Voice."
- Ranked #1 on Reverbnation Chicago Rock charts 2016; 10th nationally; 15th Globally  
- New EP “Anytime Anywhere” on regular radio play NOW!  
- Performed 6 sold out UK arena tours to over 1 million people with   
-  Young Voices UK since 2003  
- Lead singer of Chicago’s busiest touring band 7th heaven from 2006-2013  
- Performed 2000+ shows in 10 years in the mid west area  
- Performed to over 4 million people since 2006  
- Written 3 #1 albums on the Chicago Billboard chart  
- Opened for Bon Jovi and Kid rock at Soldier Field  
- Performed live on Chicago WGN news, ABC, NBC & FOX   
- Performed live on many top Chicago radio stations; The mix 101.9, 103.5 Kiss Fm,   
-  102.3xlc, Star 105.5, Star 96.7, US 99.5 Country Chicago and many more  
- Performed 5 sold out nights at 02 arena London with SEMPLE 23,000 people a night  
- Over 50,000 followers across social media


Frank Lucas is a Chicago-based keyboardist/composer whose background is in classical piano and voice. His studies were completed at DePaul University in Chicago with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music Education / Performance and Educational Administration, respectively. Since 1994, Frank has studied piano, synthesis and theory with Jordan Rudess, the acclaimed Dream Theater keyboardist and former Juilliard child prodigy. 

Frank has performed and recorded with the likes of Pat Metheny Group drummer, Paul Wertico, bassist Andy West of the Dixie Dregs, guitarists Paul Chapman (U.F.O.), Neil Zaza and Michael Angelo, Brandi, Journey's Steve Augeri, as well as acclaimed violinists Rachel Barton and Edgar Gabriel (Cirque Du Soleil). In 2006, Frank released a critically acclaimed progressive rock album on the ProgRock Records label entitled LWE -Lucas, White and Edsey with bassist Steve Edsey and drummer Chuck White. 

Most recently, Frank has recorded with Fire Garden, Malik Yusef, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, Twista, American Idol's Chris Medina and legendary rockers, War. He recently finished recording keyboard tracks for the upcoming Dee Snider album, "To Hell and Back." 

Frank has recently released two albums on the Tonepainter Music Label. The first is a piano jazz trio interpretation of classic Christmas songs entitled "Christmas Is..." (2014) featuring Lucas on piano, Barry Kleiber on bass and Vince Consolo on drums. 

February 2015 brought about The Romantic Piano Sensation's release, "A Little Secret" just in time for Valentines Day. Piano sensation Frank Lucas takes your heart and mind on an emotional journey through 11 tracks filled with beautiful melodies, painting pictures of love, passion and romance featuring "The Promise" with Joseph Schwartz on violin and the title track "A Little Secret" featuring vocalist, Jennifer Vera.