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the cyberiam lands "artist of the month" on

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The Cyberiam is's "ARTIST OF THE MONTH" in February 2018. 

Every 3 hours they will be playing a different song off the debut album so make sure to tune in, enjoy the music and leave your thoughts in the comments.


The cyberiam would like to thank Mark and Rayna for the huge amount of support they have shown the band over the last few months. The band is honoured to be Artist of the month!!

The Cyberiam debut album is getting rave reviews from many progressive rock outlets around the world.

Here's but a few: - - - 


fireworks magazine uk -

Good record. I found the music catchy, energetic, experimental, heavy, complex prog metal yet with a melodic classic rock groove based and diverse with lots of character and spirit within the song structures, the musicianship is thrilling throughout the album, I think the band sound great and you have made a cool diverse record that I think our readers would enjoy.   

I love the tracks Dont Blink, Alice in Afterland, Juxtaposer, My Occupation, The Historian, Cool Kids, Nostalgia, 2020 Visionary, Brain in a Vat and The Fall. 

I can't fault the album at all.

the cyberiam debut album releases digitally feb 2nd

The Cyberiam crashes into 2018 with the progressive rock release of the year. The debut album is a prog rock fan's dream boasting almost 80 minutes of proggy goodness. The response to the album so far has been incredibly positive with reviews from all around the world describing the album as "refreshing," "a giant," "the one to watch" and so much more.


Cyberiam takes to the stage for the very first time on Feb 9th to an already close to sold out room at WIRE in Berwyn. Performing the new album in it's entirety with full video accompaniment and an incredible light show to match, this is going to be the progressive rock performance to remember. The band is ready and anxious to show the world just how well this music translates to the big stage. 

album review from Germany -

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translation below

THE CYBERIAM come from the bluesy metropolis Chicago, but only partially practice the basic elements of this style. The band plays a contemporary mix of Prog Rock a la "Dream Theater" and Neo Psychedelic a la "Ozric Tentacles". The first great excitement of the debut album of the same name are  the "Cool Kids", who break out of the speakers with funky metallic guitar walls and loud drums, but also with bell-clear and crystal clear vocals arranged in a multi-voiced manner and a heavily distorted, booming organ sound which strongly reminds me of the legendary solo rides of Jon Lord on the iconic first "Deep Purple" albums. Already one of my favorite rockers in 2018! Rhythmically, a lot happens, hardly a single piece goes straight through from beginning to end, all are pervaded by frickelnden breaks and surprising changes in tempo. Thematically, you do not go to outer space, but also dedicated to cosmic and dystopian scenarios, as they were once staged by the Canadian prog band "Rush". With the wonderful melodic rocker "The Historian" and in the final art-prog-pearl "Nostalgia", the four musicians prove to be masters of tonality. Keith Semple (vocals, guitar), born in Northern Ireland, plays Frank Lucas (keyboards), Tommy Murray (drums) and Brian Kovacs (bass, vocals) friends with the Dream Theater member Jordan Rudess. The simple formula is "The Cyberiam" = one of the refreshing highlights of the still young year 2018!