the cyberiam - debut album

The debut Cyberiam album boasts almost 80 minutes of progressive rock creativity. 10 songs that feature a variety of styles, feelings, time signatures and emotion. Ranging from emotional to purely technical and everything in between. 

"2020 Visionary" is a hard rock progressive track that has some serious depth and power. Compare that with the lighter tones and style of "The Fall."

Wether you are a fan of Tool and Opeth or like the more classic tones of Dream Theater or Symphony X, not to mention the alternative deeper feel of Porcupine Tree, this album has something for every progressive rock fan out there today.

listen to the album through spotify below

Cyberiam album front ver5 copy



You did not deserve her 

Alice is the worlds cure 

Projecting strength but fragile 

she was more than meets the eye 

Now we never get to see 

What a girl could hope to be 

I hope Alice haunts your dreams  

I would pay to hear your screams 


Is it right or is it wrong for you 

to think that alone she couldn’t do it 

Did you ever stop to think she could 

do this being on her own 

Where do you get off when you objectify  

all the things that made her stronger 

If only you had realized  

what alice needed you to say 


She gave you her all 

You gave her only the means to fall 

Self loathing, with your lies, 

tipped over the lever in her mind 


Guess we’ll never know what could have come to pass 

If you’d only been her pillar 

Just a little bit of positivity and she might still be here 

I guess technically your hands are clean 

but mentally you’re morphine 

So in the end to kill a mockingbird 

all you had to use were your words


Can you hear me? 

Hear me through the noise? 

Can you see it? 

Through the girls and boys 

It’s never what you thought  

or you could quite derive 

It’s hard to picture this 

as somewhat less contrived 

What does it even mean for you  

to say you’re cool 

Performing for the idiots and fools 


Can you touch it? 

Does it make you rich? 

Can you see it? 

You’re a little kitsch 

What are your goals in life  

why don’t you read a book 

You might explore the world 

and take a different look 

Your popularity and fame will fade 

So why not give your brain a free upgrade 


We’re the cool kids 

We don’t give a shit 

Won’t regret it  

like those hypocrites 

Oh God I see it now  

I’ve wasted all this time 

To not explore the world on paper is a crime 

A finite time to search not ramble on 

Let’s try and fill my brain before I’m gone


I could pull those shackles tight 

I like it better when you fight 

Please won’t you try to resist 

I will slowly break your wrist 

I love the taste I love the smell  

My new heaven is your hell 

I’ll remember you were brave 

While I’m digging up your grave 


You can run but you can never hide 

I could make it look like suicide 

You’ll fight back but I’ll still take it all 

Dance the dance before you take the fall 


When I pull away the blind 

you can look into my eyes 

Then it’s back to solitude 

You will learn some gratitude


If I had a tardis 

I would make my life mine 

Maybe I’d travel to different worlds 

and change my timeline 

That fleeting chance I had  

with Carolyn in ’99 

I could have said the right thing, 

I could have read the signs


If I had a tardis I’d explore the galaxy 

Maybe meet lifeforms I couldn’t imagine 

or couldn’t even see 

Don’t blink  

or you might fix them in your reality 

Your time and relative dimension in space 

would have a sudden finality 


Don’t Blink. You might just miss it 

Don’t Blink. You might regret it 

Don’t Blink. Oh you just don’t get it 

Don’t Blink. Or you’ll never forget it

5 - 2020 VISIONARY 

Gain focus and fight back 

More reason, less rhyme 

Pro human, less hate 

We can save the species 

there’s no such thing as fate 


If you’re pro life 

Then care about the living 

Focus on charity 

Try some altruism 

What donation 

Could change someone’s position  

If you’re tempted 

Don’t be a politician 


What’s my purpose  

Is not a valid question 

Life gains meaning 

Through works and self expression 

A or not A 

There’s no excluded middle 

Deal in logic, 

and not in fucking riddles


I have won the war 

Cause I will write the history 

To the victor the spoils 

Choose what we’ll ignore 

Sharpening my pencil 

While I blunt my sword 

1st person revelation 

Must be seen by more 


Tyrant or a saint 

These words don’t apply 

I will make my case 

With ink like blood and paint 

Take my worst mistakes 

And say what you will 

But I have won the war 

So what was true is fake 


Speak no more 

of what came before 

Futile revival 

Forever denial



You’re never gonna get it and  

you’re never gonna understand 


There is us and there is them 

and you will never get my homeland 



Give it up and give it all  

I’m never gonna give it back 


You’re broken and you’re rotten and 

we’re gonna help you  

get back on track 



People won’t believe you  

and their never  

gonna change their minds 


You’re evil and dishonest and  

you’re tainted and you’re feeble 

so I’m laying down the law  

and now I think that it is  

time for you to go 


My new occupation 

Total domination 

I will be your leader 

I will treat you better 

You will be my subjects 

You will show me respect 

You will not question 

My new occupation



You may be my juxtaposer 

Oh I hate you more than life itself 

Oh I hate you, hate you like my nemesis  

Two little angels sitting in a tree 

One shot the other and the other shot me 

But I’m not picking any sides 

between my Jeckal and my Hyde 



You could be my anti-hero 

Oh you ruined every one of my plans 

Oh you break apart every single one you can 

You may be my ultimate demise 

You think you’re all knowing and all wise 

Oh you are my conscience in disguise 

A cancer that’s metastasized


Everyone I’ve ever argued with  

was arguing with me  

Everyone I’ve ever hated  

Must have really hated what they see 

All the things I think I’ve learned 

I’ve learned before and didn’t earn 

All the lives I thought I’d touched 

invented fictions not so much


I have to assume that this is real  

All the things I see and all the things i feel 

I have no other point of reference 

So my wishes gain my deference 


I created everything. 

Every human all offspring 

I wrote every single book  

from The Illiad to Captain Hook 

I invented all the noise 

all the TV, all the toys 

I discovered DNA 

was simply G,T,C and A 


Do you think you’re looking through 

a solipsistic looking glass? 

Do you really think that you discovered 

what gives objects mass? 

You equate irrelevance  

with new levels of arrogance 

Isn’t it more true to say 

that you don’t matter in anyway


Do you remember when we were kids? 

When you smashed your face right above your eyelid? 

It never even crossed your mind at the time 

That you could have died or ended up fucking blind! 


Remember when we all went to Magaluf? 

We discovered Dream Theater and Ryan drank 100 proof 

A “what would Jesus do” bracelet covered in sick and bile 

He never lived that down, but I think about it once in a while 


Seemed like endless teenage summers at the club 

hitting tennis balls then sneak into the pubs 

Remember we kept stealing all those cans of lilt? 

We never got caught, and I still don’t feel any guilt 


If I could go back to a year it’s 17 

Life was close to perfect all be it a little green 

Mesmerized as I learned human evolution 

Or the 1940’s jewish persecution  


We camped out that night in Magheramorne quarry? 

Now that’s where they film the Game of thrones story 

Bill and Ted was better than any mans religion 

Be excellent to each other while we’re living 


And so my childhood friends have mostly drifted away 

Nelson, Craig, Andy, Ryan, Toad, Mark and Wiley 

At least social media helps provide me with the means 

To see what my friends have become since we were teens 

Now I’m twice the age I was since my favourite year on earth 

But nostalgia skews my hindsight.  

Admittedly the years have been progressively better not worse 

And so I hope my daughters have the youth they deserve 

Fill their lives with memories and moments in reserve 

I’ll jealously relive my youth vicariously through their eyes 

And hope I live to hear their children’s cries, and then do it twice